Help & FAQ

What is this game?

WTS is an unique quiz game for all movie lovers running since 2010 on Twitter. It was developed by myself in part of the Whatthemovie's project.

The principle is simple: a snapshot from a movie is sent every 10 minutes on Twitter and people have 5 minutes to guess the title of the movie to grab some points. If you answer correctly, your tweet is "liked" by the bot. You can read the full FAQ here or the homepage to learn more.

Movies are hard to guess!

The game aims every kind of movie lovers. It tries to deliver the perfect balance between a fun quiz with quite easy movies to guess, and challenging shots from not really known movies. The main goal behind is to make people discovering new exciting movies where a single picture will trigger their curiosity and maybe make them watch the movie.

Do I win points even if I'm not first to answer correctly?

Yes you do. The competition especially on easy shots can be tough as we have some players with really good typing skills! Therefore, even if you are not the first one to guess correctly a movie, you will still win points. It all depends of the difficulty of the shot submitted:

  • An "easy" shot offers 3 points for the 1st, 1 point for the others ;
  • A "medium" shot offers 5 points for the 1st, 2 points for the others ;
  • A "hard" shot offers 10 points for the 1st, 3 points for the others.

But sometimes I see people winning 20 points, how is that possible?

As we accept some short titles (like "Matrix" for the whole trilogy), players who make the effort of answering the full original title in its original language are rewarded twice more points as the others.

Therefore, if you win a "hard" shot by answering The Matrix Reloaded instead of just Matrix, you will get 20 points instead of 10.

The guy who won wrote the title wrongly!

The bot detects and accepts spelling mistakes from players. The longer the title is, the more spelling mistakes are tolerated. As we accept short titles and foreign titles, the exact original title is not required to get points: you can write the title in your native language (we support a lot of languages). For franchise movies, the "default" title is accepted, but as explained above, if you answer the full episode title, you will get more points.

I'm sure I was first to answer!

Some players like to delete their (correct) answers after the bot collected & processed them. When the bot "likes" your reply, it means you found the good movie. From this point, you are free to do whatever you want with your tweet. If you want to delete it to not flood your timeline with all your guesses, you can proceed to: your answer was properly saved by the bot.

How can I find the title when the clue is only "...ta"?

If nobody found the shot after 3 minutes, a clue about the movie is sent on Twitter. The clue can be many things: the director's name, the main actor's name or a part of the title.

If the clue is a part of the title, the length of the clue is proportional to the length of the title of the movie. Therefore, if the clue is only "...ta", it means the title is very short (in this case Lolita).

What are the commands available to talk with the bot?

There are several commands you can use to interact with the bot to get more informations about your rank or a movie for example if you don't want to visit the website but get everything through Twitter. Here are some useful commands you can send to the bot:

  • rank: get your position in the three tops ;
  • record: get your own records ;
  • time: how fast did you answer correctly the shot ;
  • info: get infos about the shot's movie.

There are also some commands that are available to moderate the game which will be explained below.

Some shots have nudity/gore material or unreadable text!

Usually, when this kind of shots is used in the game, a little emoji (🔞) appears in the tweet. If you chose in your Twitter settings to not display sensitive material, the shot will not appear automatically, you would have to click on it to see it.

If you see a sensitive shot without the emoji, it means it wasn't categorized as "sensitive material" and you can report it to me by writing "gore" or "nudity", depending of the scene of course. If the shot is used again in the future, thanks to your report, it will be correctly assigned.

We also have some shots that contain unreadable text (horizontally reversed text). If you see one of them, you can report it by replying "text". The shot will be reversed for the future and text will be readable.

I think a movie/shot has wrong informations

If you spot an error about a movie, you can report it to me by replying "error". This command is useful to fix wrong infos like a wrong director's name, a wrong flag assigned to the movie, or a typo in the title.

You can also use "error" if you think the results of a shot is false. Example, if you didn't get points when you think you should have.

A notification will be sent to me and I will try to fix the mistake when I'm available.

You said I have "no class" & called me "ugly firstsolver", this is outrageous!

Relax, nothing personal in here! To make discussions more humans, the bot uses famous movie quotes to talk with the players. "You're one ugly firstsolver" is a reference to this famous scene from Predator, and "you could have class" comes from Marlon Brando's speech in A Streetcar Named Desire.

How can people answer in 5 sec? The tweet didn't even appear on my PC yet!

First, remember that time is not important. Sure you could get a few more points if you beat your own records or world records by answering fast, but this should be seen as bonus, not objective. The only rule about time is to answer within the 5 min allowed after a shot's game is opened.

Secondly, if you use Twitter through their website – –, you have to know that notifications are not in real time – almost. Therefore, you don't see tweets as soon as they are sent, but a few seconds later, depending of your connection. If you want real time tweets, you can use Tweetdeck, a website developed by Twitter for people who need to see tweets as soon as they are published.

The fastest correct answer times are all owned by users playing either through Tweetdeck, either from their Smartphone.

What are VIP Players?

Players with a little next to their usernames are VIP Players. A VIP Player can do several things. They got this status for a period of time for one of these reasons:

  • They finished first at the end of the day (VIP for one week) ;
  • They finished in the top 3 players at the end of the month (VIP for one month) ;
  • They donated a small amount of money on PayPal or offered me a Vinyl (VIP for life).

If a player is already VIP and finish, for example, first at the end of the day, he will automatically add one more week to his VIP expiration date. And so on. VIP Players have special powers/commands:

  • clue: Get a second clue if the first one wasn't enough to guess the movie ;
  • request: Request automatically a special shot once a day (see below) ;
  • vip: Get the expiration date of their VIP Status.

How to request VIP Shots?

VIP Players can request automatically special shots once a day by sending a Direct Message in private to the bot. Shots that have been requested by VIPs are published with a at the end of the tweet. VIPs can request shots by director, actor, genre, year & tag. Here are some examples of requests you can send to the bot in Direct Messages:

  • Request shot from director Christopher Nolan ;
  • Request shot from actor Anna Karina ;
  • Request shot from genre Comedy ;
  • Request shot from year 1999 ;
  • Request shot from tag cat.

As WTS is a quiz game, if we don't have enough shots & movies in our database to offer a proper random experience, your request won't be accepted (for example, if a director has only one movie). Tag requests are basically shots that contain a kind of things on it (cat, b/w shots, water etc).

I love your game, how can I support it?

Thanks a lot! For starters, you can help me by reporting any sensitive shot that are not tagged properly, unreadable text on shots and movie/shot with wrong infos using the available commands. For each good report you get one point.

You can also help me by donating a small amount of money on Paypal to cover the costs. This game is very time consuming and I put a lot of work in it. You can also offer me a vinyl from my Amazon Wishlist if you prefer or simply share this tweet. For any of you doing one of these, thank you!